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Seven of Hearts


Owners:Byron & Dana Dooley
Winemaker:Byron Dooley
Estate Vineyards: Luminous Hills Vineyard
Estate Acres Planted:11
Tasting Hours:11-5, Thurs - Mon
Tasting Phone:503-852-0097
Tasting Address:217 W. Main Street, Carlton, OR 97111
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 Recent Pinot Noir Releases VintageVineyard SourceViticultural AreaPriceRatingNotes
 Armstrong Vineyard Pinot Noir2011single vineyardRibbon Ridge35.00 
 2010single vineyardRibbon Ridge35.00 
 Crawford Beck Vineyard Pinot Noir2009single vineyardEola Amity Hills35.00 
 2008single vineyardEola Amity Hills35.00 
 2007single vineyardEola Amity Hills35.00 
 Dundee Hills Pinot Noir2006multi vineyardDundee Hills28.00 
 Dundee Hills Reserve Pinot Noir2006multi vineyardDundee Hills42.00WS-90 
 Durant Vineyard Pinot Noir2011single vineyardDundee Hills35.00 
 Eola-Amity Hills Pinot Noir2008multi vineyardEola Amity Hills28.00 
 2007multi vineyardEola Amity Hills28.00 
 Eola-Amity Hills Reserve Pinot Noir2007multi vineyardEola Amity Hills42.00 
 Lia's Vineyard Pinot Noir2010single vineyardChehalem Mtns35.00 
 Lia's Vineyard Pinot Noir2011single vineyardChehalem Mtns35.00 
 The Cost Vineyard Pinot Noir2007single vineyardEola Amity Hills35.00 
 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir2011multi vineyardWillamette Valley20.00 
 2009multi vineyardWillamette Valley20.00WS-87 
 2008multi vineyardWillamette Valley24.00 
 Willamette Valley Reserve Pinot Noir2008multi vineyardWillamette Valley42.00 
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