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Owen Roe


Owners:David & Angelica O'Reilly, Ben & Julie Wolff
Winemaker:David O'Reilly
Estate Vineyards: 100% contract grapes
Estate Acres Planted:
Tasting Hours:by appt.
Tasting Phone:503-678-5058
Tasting Address:2700 E. 9th St. Suite 300, Newberg, OR 97132
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 Recent Pinot Noir Releases VintageVineyard SourceViticultural AreaPriceRatingNotes
 Chehalem Mountains Pinot Noir2014multi vineyardChehalem Mtns42.00 
 2006multi vineyardChehalem Mtns42.00WS-90 
 Durant Vineyard Pinot Noir2010single vineyardDundee Hills42.00 
 2009single vineyardDundee Hills42.00 
 2008single vineyardDundee Hills42.00WS-91 
 Eola-Amity Pinot Noir2012single vineyardEola Amity Hills42.00 
 2011single vineyardEola Amity Hills42.00 
 Kalita Vineyard Pinot Noir2008single vineyardYamhill-Carlton50.00WA-91 
 Lenne Vineyard Pinot Noir2012single vineyardYamhill-Carlton55.00 
 2008single vineyardYamhill-Carlton50.00WA-89 
 Merriman Vineyard Pinot Noir2008single vineyardYamhill-Carlton50.00WS-93 
 Merriman Vineyard Wadenswil Pinot Noir2012single vineyardYamhill-Carlton55.00 
 O'Reilly's Pinot Noir2009multi vineyardWillamette Valley19.00WA-87 
 2008multi vineyardWillamette Valley18.00WS-89 
 O'Reilly's Pinot Noir2007multi vineyardWillamette Valley18.00 
 Sharecropper's Pinot Noir2014multi vineyardWillamette Valley21.00 
 2011multi vineyardWillamette Valley21.00 
 2010multi vineyardWillamette Valley21.00 
 2008multi vineyardWillamette Valley21.00WS-88 
 2007multi vineyardWillamette Valley21.00 
 2006multi vineyardWillamette Valley21.00WS-85 
 Sojourner Vineyard Pinot Noir2013single vineyardEola Amity Hills42.00 
 The Kilmore Pinot Noir2014multi vineyardWillamette Valley42.00 
 2010multi vineyardWillamette Valley42.00WS-90 
 2008multi vineyardWillamette Valley42.00WS-93 
 2007multi vineyardWillamette Valley42.00 
 2006multi vineyardWillamette Valley42.00WS-92 
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