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Foris Vineyards



Owners:Ted and Terri Gerber
Winemaker:Bryan Wilson
Estate Vineyards: Gerber Vineyard, 3 Creeks Vineyard, Maple Ranch Vineyard, Cedar Ranch Vineyard
Estate Acres Planted:178
Tasting Hours:11 - 5 daily except some holidays
Tasting Phone:800-843-6747
Tasting Address:654 Kendall Road, Cave Junction, OR 97523
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 Recent Pinot Noir Releases VintageVineyard SourceViticultural AreaPriceRatingNotes
 Foris Pinot Noir2007multi vineyardOregon17.50 
 Maple Ranch Pinot Noir2006single vineyardRogue Valley30.00 
 Wildlife Pinot Noir2005multi vineyardOregon15.50 
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