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Eyrie Vineyards


Owners:Diana Lett and Jason Lett
Winemaker:Jason Lett
Estate Vineyards: The Eyrie Original Vineyard, Rolling Green Vineyard, Three Sisters Vineyard, Outcrop Vineyard
Estate Acres Planted:55
Tasting Hours:12-5 daily
Tasting Phone:888-440-4970
Tasting Address:935 NE 10th, McMinnville, OR 97128
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 Recent Pinot Noir Releases VintageVineyard SourceViticultural AreaPriceRatingNotes
 BlackCap Pinot Noir2010multi vineyardDundee Hills50.00WA-89 
 2009multi vineyardDundee Hills50.00WA-91 
 BlackCap Reserve Pinot Noir2008multi vineyardDundee Hills48.00WA-94 
 2006multi vineyardDundee Hills45.00WA-93 
 Daphne Reserve Pinot Noir2012single vineyardDundee Hills84.00WA-94 
 2009single vineyardDundee Hills80.00WA-92 
 2008single vineyardDundee Hills78.00WA-94 
 Estate Pinot Noir2012multi vineyardDundee Hills37.00WA-92 
 2010multi vineyardDundee Hills35.00WA-90 
 2009multi vineyardDundee Hills35.00 
 2008multi vineyardDundee Hills30.00WA-92 
 2007multi vineyardDundee Hills35.00WA-91 
 2006multi vineyardDundee Hills33.00WA-92 
 Estate Reserve Pinot Noir2009single vineyardDundee Hills62.00 
 2007single vineyardDundee Hills60.00WA-93 
 Original Vines Reserve Pinot Noir2012single vineyardDundee Hills84.00WA-94 
 2010single vineyardDundee Hills65.00WA-91 
 2009single vineyardDundee Hills65.00WA-92 
 Outcrop Pinot Noir2012single vineyardDundee Hills53.00WA-94 
 Rolling Green Pinot Noir2012single vineyardDundee Hills63.00WA-90 
 Sisters Pinot Noir2012single vineyardDundee Hills47.00WA-92 
 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir2013multi vineyardWillamette Valley38.00WS-89 
 2012multi vineyardWillamette Valley35.00WS-91 
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