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Barking Frog Winery


Owners:Ron and Cindy Helbig
Winemaker:Ron Helbig
Estate Vineyards: 100% contract grapes
Estate Acres Planted:
Tasting Hours:1-5 Fri., Sat. and Sun
Tasting Phone:503-702-5029
Tasting Address:128 W Main St., Carlton, OR 97111
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 Recent Pinot Noir Releases VintageVineyard SourceViticultural AreaPriceRatingNotes
 Bailey Pinot Noir2008single vineyardChehalem Mtns34.00 
 2006single vineyardChehalem Mtns34.00 
 Blakeslee Pinot Noir2007single vineyardChehalem Mtns34.00 
 2006single vineyardChehalem Mtns36.00 
 Chehalem Mountains Pinot Noir2006single vineyardChehalem Mtns30.00 
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